Excerpt: A Royal Internship

I’m having so much fun writing this fake-dating a prince story that I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow to share Genevieve’s encounter with Janet.

Excerpt: Chapter 2

I settled into a stool at the island to eat my sandwich and drink my coffee, flipping through a trashy tabloid while I did so. 

When Janet finally made it down the stairs, she was hardly visible behind a giant pile of dirty laundry. She dumped it in the middle of the living room floor and sat down beside it to sort it. 

“Sorry it took me so long,” she sighed. “Work’s been keeping me so busy these past few weeks with making schedules and coordinating events. There’s just a lot going on.” 

“It’s okay,” I took my sandwich over and sat down on the floor beside her. “You want some help?” 

“Once you finish your sandwich, I’d love some,” she threw a shirt into a pile of brightly coloured items destined for cold water. 

“That’s fair,” I shrugged. “Do you have to work today?” 

She groaned and turned the pants she was holding inside out with more force than the task required. “Yes, even if I wanted to drag you out this afternoon, which I do, I wouldn’t be able to. He’s gone and stuck his foot in it again so boss man is making me put together the most hectic schedule known to humanity and-” she cut herself off. “Sorry, I’ll leave it. Let’s just say, we’ll go out tonight to celebrate my birthday and you getting that internship.”

“Your cousin is the actual worst,” I laid down on the floor. “And I wanted you to drag me out! I have to do this entire project that’s due tomorrow-” 

“No,” she shook her head at me, “You don’t have to do it. You could just trust other people with things, you know.” 

“Remember what happened the last time I did that?” I finished my sandwich and got up off the floor to face her. 

“The last time you did that was like fourth grade!” 

“Precisely,” I countered, “and it was terrible. So from now on, I’m doing what needs to get done.” I picked up my bag and turned towards Janet’s spare bedroom. 

“You’ll burn yourself out that way faster than my cousin gets himself in trouble!” she called after me as I walked down the hallway. 

“Yeah, yeah,” I waved my hand to dismiss her. “Thanks, Mom.”

I’ll be back on Saturday to talk a little more about my writing process, working with critique partners, and/or the process of letting my work out into the world. I hope you enjoy A Royal Internship in the meantime.

Until next time, Happy Reading!


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