A Year in Mondays

Welcome to the landing page for my second novel, A Year in Mondays. This project is still in development but I will post a link here once I have one for you.

Raised in the upper echelons of high society, Julie Benoit fits in enough to get by, but the customs of her culture don’t quite fit her personality. She avoids society events as often as possible, instead choosing to spend time alone with her husband, Pierre. And she is happy that way. 

When they welcome their first child, the sleep-deprived parents forget what made them want to have a baby in the first place. Julie reaches out to friends, both old and new, in hopes of finding a solution to save their struggling relationship. With their help, Julie will learn more than she ever thought possible about how to be a mother. But in the end, it is Julie and Pierre who must learn how to be parents as well as spouses if they ever hope to have the life they always dreamed of. 

Selected Blog Posts about A Year in Mondays:

A Study in Serialization

How I decided to set up a made-for-wattpad story in serialized form.

Universal vs. Personal

Making sure Julie’s personal story was not my personal story.

Writing with Graphics

The process of integrating author’s notes and graphics into my story.

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