The Road to Christmas

Welcome to the landing page for my first co-written novel, The Road to Christmas. This has been a super fun project – it’s like the improv of novel writing. Check out the information below and I will post a link once one is available.

Charlotte found herself between a rock and a hard place when she aged out of the foster system. With only a car to her name, she set out on the open road, hoping to find long lost relatives. Winter hits her hard. When she meets Elijah Blackwood she’s out of options but then he offers her a place to stay. As Christmas nears, she is given the chance at a normal life, but some chances come around too late. Will Lottie find the family she is looking for or head back out on the open road?

Selected Blog Posts about The Road to Christmas:

What is Co-Writing

The story of how I found co-writing and the idea for The Road to Christmas.

How we Create Characters

How I learned to create characters by developing them with someone else.

Writing as Improvisation

The challenge and amusement of not knowing what will happen next.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Want to see more? Check out every post about The Road to Christmas.

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