Where there’s a Will, there’s a Tiara

This book might be for you if you like:

  • Arranged engagement
  • Royalty
  • Sweet romance
  • Witty banter
  • Sassy grandmothers
  • Twists on love triangles

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When her parents die in an accident, 27-year-old party girl, Adelaide Becker, sets her sights on inheriting the family fortune. But when the will is read, she is not surprised to find her parents are capable of ruining her happiness even from beyond the grave. If she hopes to inherit the family estate, she has to follow one not so inviting rule: move to the English countryside and live with a long forgotten grandmother. For a year.

Begrudgingly, she packs her things and leaves the sandy shores of Greece for the small, ramshackle house her mother grew up in. Between the drafty room, the terrible food, and the young carpenter who seems more intent on sweeping her off her feet than fixing the roof, Adelaide is convinced her parents set the whole thing up just to punish her for indiscretions. She’s determined to beat them at their own game and survive the year, but when her grandmother hands her a ring and a letter and declares her engaged, Adelaide might finally snap.