Under Chateau Lights

This book might be for you if you like:

  • Fake dating
  • Love triangles
  • Second chance or friends-to-lovers
  • Sweet romance
  • Large family dynamics
  • Holiday romance
  • Meddling mothers

Overly cautious and hopelessly single Julie Kendrick is finally getting over her one failed attempt at love. But now she has to join her serendipitously paired off siblings for their annual family Christmas gathering in Quebec City. Alone. Unless her mother has her way and manages to pair her off with a local who, to hear her tell it, could solve Julie’s man drought.

Desperate to avoid the family matchmaking game, Julie enlists her friend Christian Xie to help her run interference, but he only agrees on the condition that they tell their families they are dating. And with her options looking thinner than a cookie sheet, Julie sees no other choice but to settle into a routine with Christian.

But just as she’s ready to take the fake part out of dating Christian, her first and only love, Ronan Tremblay, comes waltzing back into her life. Torn between a residual love for both men, Julie tries to keep up appearances with her family while allowing Ronan a chance to redeem himself. But going from dating no one to juggling two men at once might prove to be more than Julie can handle. Especially with her family still trying to set her up with that local gentleman.