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Reading About Writing – Save the Cat

So, to start this off, I’ll admit I’ve been looking for some good “How to write a novel” books for a while and nothing was really sticking. I’m not sure if that’s my level of interest or the books themselves or what but none of them really seemed to address my actual needs.

Fast forward a couple weeks and a lovely group of writers I work with sometimes decided to form a sort of book club to read and discuss books about writing. Enter Save the Cat Writes a Novel. It’s not the book I voted for, but it is the book that won, and honestly, I’m kind of happy about that.

I got it today and I’m already excited to start reading it and discussing it with the lovely group that has assembled to form a book club.

I will also be using this opportunity to create some Craft of Writing posts based on what I’m reading. So this Saturday, and every Saturday until we finish, I am going to share some of my thoughts on Save the Cat. My goal with these posts is to organize my thoughts before Sunday’s Book Club discussions and also create some quality content for the craft of writing section of my blog.

* Please note: This project has been temporarily put on hold due to a family emergency and then a global pandemic. I will update you all with a new post when I have more information about the project. I’m really hoping I can get it up and running starting in May, but that is probably wildly optimistic, so please keep an eye out for an updated post. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

Bonus Quote:

You can check out her website HERE if you are interested in more information.

1 thought on “Reading About Writing – Save the Cat”

  1. I’ve got two recommendations for you if you haven’t read them already: Bird by Bird by Annie Lamott and Stein On Writing by Sol Stein.


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