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Writing and Family Holidays

As you might have guessed if you’ve ever tried it, getting anything done on your WIP during the holidays is difficult when you have kids around. I have been trying to write a chapter here or there but it is getting to the point where I have to admit defeat on this two week break and just move forward. Even this blog post has been sitting, unwritten, for days as I struggled to find the time to really put my experiences down into words.

Happy New Year!

So here is a blog post for today, written this morning as I sipped hot chocolate that was too hot. I will probably get distracted before it cools down enough to drink and then find it again in two hours when my children go for a nap. What else is new?

I hope you have had a wonderful break (assuming you got one) and that you are ready to bring in the new year tonight.

Anyone out there a resolution type? I tend to avoid them but am always interested in other people’s goals and resolutions.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you again soon,


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