Love at First Sip

You might like this anthology if you like:

  • Clean romance
  • Delicious drink recipes
  • Swoon-worthy pairings
  • Diverse couples and subgenres

My story, That Was You, has:

  • First loves
  • Sweet romantic gestures
  • Fighting for love

Thirsty takes on a new meaning with eight romantic tales of love and happily ever afters. The spark might begin with a drink, but these relationships develop over many more to come. From changelings to bounty hunters, shy doctors to Death himself, this diverse blend of stories has all the right ingredients for everyone to enjoy.

Join contributing authors Jyvur Entropy, Eliza Solares, Alix & Nick Hicks, P. Stormcrow, Dee Rasha, Jordan DeVene, Emerald Aonghusa, and Emily S Hurricane, and you’ll enjoy every last sip of this collection of hopeful romance stories.

Don’t forget to bring a mug or a glass, because each story comes with a recipe sure to put you in the mood for some warm and fuzzies!

Stories Included

Eliza Solares – That Was You
Alix & Nick Hicks – The Shape of Love
P. Stormcrow – Death Does Not Drink
Dee Rasha – Love Between Worlds
Jyvur Entropy – Nice Moves, Doc
Emerald Aonghusa – The Queen’s Right
Jordan DeVene – Loving Her Storm
Emily S Hurricane – The Wolf and the Barista