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April 2022 Updates

I say this every month, probably, but I cannot believe last month is over! It’s April! I swear it was last week I was telling you all about my plans for March and now March is well and truly over. Unfortunately, I’m in Canada so winter is decidedly NOT over.

Luckily, last month went very well which meant I had a lot of time to get things done. In addition to writing, I’ve been able to work on researching and planning and I’m so excited for what’s next for me and my writing. Which I’m going to talk about now. So let’s do that! 

~*~ What am I Working On? ~*~

Posting on Wattpad

Mrs. Matched is written, edited, and posting every Friday until it’s done. So, only a couple more months to go!  

Vegas Knot is half written and fully plotted offline! That means the whole book is taking shape and the fun can really begin: I get to write the second half. I am also pleased (for sure) to inform you that this book is going to be a NOVEL! So much Bianca and Enrique to enjoy. I am now posting updates every Wednesday and Friday, but I’m thinking I might enter it into Wattys Bootcamp. And if I do that, I’ll have to put the chapters out faster. Either way, I will be posting at least twice a week for your reading pleasure. 

Telltale Tango is my cowrite novella over on Camila_Ferrera. We are entering the ONC with this one, so you can rest assured that we will post at least often enough to keep up with ONC deadlines! I can’t wait for you all to see the twists we have up our sleeves. They are fast approaching now, as we have written half of the novella already! Chapters are posted at least once a week. Usually on Fridays.  

In Progress / Coming Soon

This category is still hard to explain! My writing process is somewhat difficult to describe to others succinctly, but I’m going to try! 

Time Travel Princess (not the real title) is keeping me very busy with SO MUCH research, but I really want to make the story truly fit with the setting. I don’t want to do this halfway. And I’ve given myself a real challenge with this time period in a location I’ve never been (see the last chapter if you want to know more about my setting). But I have worked out how the time travel happens and I’ve mostly nailed down how food works, so the most important things are done. This month will probably be more research. I’m itching to write this book but I know there is more I need to know before I try it, so I can’t make any guesses on when I’ll be ready to share this with you all. Stick around for more sneak peeks and excitement, though! 

~ * ~ Moving Forward ~ * ~

It’s CampNaNo month, so the odds of me picking up a new project and running with it are very, very high. I have about three or four ideas I can run with, so we’ll see which one catches me when Vegas Knot is done. 

As with last month, Vegas Knot is my writing priority. Which is good, because I could actually live in this book forever. I cannot believe how much fun rom-com is to write. 

I will also be adding a chapter to this book quickly summarizing all of the works currently on my profile. I know a few people have suggested that it might be nice to have them all in one easily accessible place and I agree. So that’s my next update I’ll be making here. 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon, 

P.s. You can still find my blogs about the research I’m doing for Time Travel Princess here on my website. I should have one or two more up this month despite most of my time being taken up with Camp NaNo stuff.

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