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Costly Touch: A Novella

If you’ve read the last two posts about my novellas, you will probably notice there is a recurring note of love stories running throughout most of my writing. Costly Touch is no exception to that. Based on a prompt of what would happen in a society that outlaws all public displays of affection, it is a little less joyful than the others, but I am very happy with how the story came out.

I really had a lot of fun playing around with what type of society might ban displays of affection, and what other kinds of rules they might have. I’m happy that the love story still played heavily into the novella, and hope you all like it as much as I do.

After the usual public displays of affection are outlawed, Alexei and Maria are careful to show their love only through the three approved methods. When Alexei tells Maria some exciting news, they forget themselves and hold hands. They’re sure the touch will cost them, but the question is how much.

You can read Costly Touch for free on my wattpad account.

If you’re looking for a novella that isn’t about romance, stick around for Saturday when I’ll talk about my last ONC novella. Want to check it out sooner? It’s available on my wattpad account for free.

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