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Carmen’s Voice: A Novella

If you recall, earlier this week I shared a bit of information on the Open Novella Contest and the fact that I chose to write four entries based on the prompts I loved so much. I already told you a little bit about the first novella, and today we’re going to talk about Carmen’s Voice.

Carmen has been a character I wanted to write for a while, but I could never quite find her story. Then, one of the prompts was Pride and Prejudice inspired (which is one of my favourite books) so I decided it was time to write Carmen’s story. And thus, Carmen’s Voice was born. It’s a fun story of Carmen learning to balance life, work, and love, so if you like that kind of thing, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

I still have two more novellas to tell you about next week, but if you want to check them out sooner, they’re all available on my wattpad account for free.

Shy and successful Broadway singer, Carmen, is finally at the point in her career where she is auditioning for her dream role. After meeting Owen at the local coffee shop, it seems like everything is perfectly lining up for Carmen’s future. When faced with a choice between her dream job and her dream man, Carmen struggles to find a way to keep both parts of her life together. If she could learn to be more outgoing and speak her mind, maybe she could succeed at not watching her life fall apart before her eyes.

You can read Carmen’s Voice for free on my wattpad account.

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