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February Newsletter

Hello February!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you have probably noticed that my regularly scheduled posts have dropped off. I want to thank you for sticking around through the lack of posts as I dealt with a family matter. It is all concluded now so I should be back to regularly scheduled programming sometime this month!

February’s posting schedule is going to change due to wattpad’s Open Novella Contest. I will be participating in the contest and uploading at least two (maybe more) novellas over the next eleven weeks. Those posts will happen Wednesdays (and sometimes other days) with Slow Motion Whirlwind chapters posted to wattpad every Friday. Once blog posts are up and running again, they will resume as usual on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

As usual, I am still posting Slow Motion Whirlwind (getting close to finished the first draft!) and working on the Road to Christmas. I have put all other projects on hold this month to work on the Open Novella Contest.

So, without further ado, please enjoy my first novella, Match Made.

Chris and Aubrey always knew this day would come, but they didn’t think it would come so fast. When their parents sign a marriage contract on their behalf, they are thrown into a situation neither of them wants. The two unlikely allies must work together to keep up appearances as they try to find a way out of their marriage. Though their work lessens their distaste for each other, it may not be enough to keep them together.

Please see below for an excerpt and the link to read the first two parts of my novella.

Thanks for your support,

Excerpt – Match Made Part One

Why can’t I be one of those normal people who is just happy for others? Why have I never been able to figure out how to just be kind? Everyone else does it all the time and in my nearly twenty-five years of life, I have never found any success with it. My mother is very disappointed in me. A fact I know because she keeps telling me about it.

I am pulled out of my melancholic moment by Melody dragging me onto the dance floor.

“Come on last maid of honour!” she shouts into my ear, “I need to dance with you!”

“Oh thank you for reminding me!” I shout back, resisting the urge to roll my eyes only because it is her wedding day.

“You know what I meant! This is the last time you’ll be a maid of honour. Like, ever. And I want to celebrate it!”

“Oh yes, I just love not having found someone to marry. I’m so excited for my parents to start having a say in . . .” I look at the watch on my arm, “just over twelve hours.”

She looks at me sadly, “Marriage isn’t all bad.”

Bonus Question: Does anyone have a favourite cookie recipe? My failure at chocolate chip is well-documented and I’m trying to solve this egregious gap in my culinary skills.

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