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January Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to the first month of a new year!

January’s posting schedule will stay the same with blog posts on Tuesdays and Saturdays and Slow Motion Whirlwind chapters posted to wattpad every Wednesday and Friday.

First and foremost, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season and are ready to get back to regularly scheduled programming. So, without further ado, let me tell you about what I’ve been up to.

I’ve completed my draft of Slow Motion Whirlwind and have finally reached the point where I am posting some of my favourite parts to wattpad so I am very excited to see if other people feel the same way I do about them.

Updated Cover and Info for Slow Motion Whirlwind:

So besides posting the chapters of Slow Motion Whirlwind, I’m still working on The Road to Christmas, though it is taking us a little longer than we’d hoped, so I don’t know when you guys will be able to take a look – I’ll keep you updated, but we are currently writing chapter seven.

I have also begun work on a new spy / romance novel that I’m really excited about. Of course, I am still working hard to write A Year in Mondays. I will also be participating in wattpad’s Open Novella Contest whenever the prompts are announced. So there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on!

Other than writing, I am doing a couple beta reads, eating leftover Christmas treats, and learning how to design the graphics you see on all of my social media accounts. I hope to keep learning and providing some quality design elements for you guys.

Thanks for your support,

Excerpt – Slow Motion Whirlwind Ch. 31

Do you know how many shoes are in a front closet when you are a family of 8 (well, 7 with Paul gone)? Even if we all leave two pairs of shoes in there, that’s like 30 shoes. And we definitely are not organized enough to only have two pairs of shoes each. So it’s a good thing Mom and I were the only girls – it would make finding my flats a lot easier.

Mom’s hand emerged two minutes later, holding a shoe “Is this it?”

I went over to see what she was holding, “No. Those are actually Jana’s. I wonder if she even knows they’re here.”

Mom laughed and pulled out both of Jana’s flats to leave by the front door. “She can pick them up when she comes next. I’m sure she’ll be here soon enough.”

I returned to my seat and texted Jana about her shoes while Mom continued to search our closet. “Mom?” I waited for a muffled acknowledgement from the closet before I continued, “how do you know you really love someone?”

Bonus Question: What is your favourite movie of all time? What do you love about it? Recommend it to us in the comments below!

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