Books I am Writing, The Road to Christmas

Excerpt: Finding her Car

Chapter ONE: Elijah

Three blocks later, and only two blocks from home, I noticed a car sitting in a snowbank. It was parked in the darkness between the light cast by the two nearest streetlights, so I had to pull up behind it to get a good look. It looked like whoever owned the car was having some difficulty because there was no logical reason for a car to be parked there at this hour. 

I braved the cold to check if someone was inside needing help. I left the truck running so the lights would illuminate the car. As I passed the car, I could only get a glimpse through the window because they were covered with those shades meant to block out the sun. I knocked on the driver’s window, and to my surprise, the car door opened to reveal a small, shivering woman. 

“What do you want?” The driver looked afraid of me. I tried to peer inside, but she used her body to block me from seeing anything.

Would you stop to help someone on the side of the road in your town? Have you ever been stuck in a snowbank before?

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