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December Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to the last month of the year!

I have been hard at work getting this blog set up so there is information available in every section before I posted it live for you all. I have enjoyed putting this website together, but it is still a work in progress so please let me know if a link goes to the wrong place or something!

As for my work, I am currently posting new chapters of Slow Motion Whirlwind twice a week. I am also working on co-writing a Christmas story (The Road to Christmas) and I am writing a serialized work of fiction (A Year in Mondays). As always, I am also coming up with about ten new ideas for novels I cannot commit to writing right now because I’m already writing other things. I hope to start posting The Road to Christmas soon, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

In my life outside of writing, I am a flurry of cookie baking and learning new recipes to cook. I am not currently reading anything *gasp* due to my writing load, but I am looking for new things to read starting in the new year.

“I wish as well as everybody else to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way.”
Jane Austen, Sense & Sensibility

Excerpt – Slow Motion Whirlwind Ch. 9

The awkward pause continued for what felt like minutes before he finally blurted out “I was wondering if you were able to go out and if you would maybe want to go out to dinner and a football game with me on Friday.”

“Oh.” I was genuinely stunned. That is not where I saw this conversation going. “I am allowed out. I’m not sure a football game would be smart, though. Stairs are kind of tricky.”

“We can sit at the front. I have connections.” He cocked a smile, “Does that mean you’ll come?”

“I’d love to,” I smiled before making a face, “as long as dinner isn’t sushi.”

“No sushi. Noted.”

Bonus Question: What is the last book you read (or enjoyed)? What did you love about it? Recommend it to me in the comments below, please. I’m looking for some new things to read.

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